Do you remember how to balance chemical formulas? Can you spell stoichiometry? (I had to look it up.) This is the second version of my Chemistry script and it runs quite nicely. It is complete Javascript driven with a simple AJAX connection for element data and dynamic page loading. It runs nicely in Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape (to an extent), and Internet Explorer 5.5+. I have not tested it in other programs yet.

True Chemistry

To my knowledge there is only one real setback of this script, that is a problem in the formula parser that I still have not been able to find. For most formulas it will work fine with absolutely no problem. It will help you balance the formula and then perform simple calculations using the data. It truely is a wonder if you are ever stuck on Chemistry problems such as myself when I took Chemistry. Well, I wasn't usually that stuck but I did need some help at times.