Drew Garrett is an University of Missouri - St. Louis graduate. He is majored in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics while still maintaining an interest in theater and film production.

Drew is pursuing a career in the computer industry. He would be most happy in a career in computer networking, programming, or systems administration. He has a degree and training in network design and administration, along with years of system administration and programming experience under his belt.

Although his studies are not in film and theater, Drew has a passion for the performing arts on stage. He once acted, but now since has turned to the technical side of it. He has worked with a community theater for over two years, doing almost everything imaginable backstage to make the show run. He has also just recently assisted on a movie set for a short film, in which he did lighting and sound. He also received a small appearance in the film driving a police car.

Drew would loves to partake in anything that is related to computers and theatrical work, especially if it includes both. He wants to work for an employer that has to do with one or the other, as that would be his dream job.